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SuryaNamaskar :

SuryaNamaskar :

Sun Salutation is a set of 12 Asanas ( Postures) developed by the ancient Indian Sage Patanjali over 5000 years ago . It revitalizes every cell and every organ system of the human body . Beginning with deep breathing and folding your hands in front of your heart in prayer , it ignites the presence of peace and stillness. Yoga helps you drop the ego of the “me” so you can think of “we”, helping you reconnect with your inner self allowing you to refocus and find the calm in the chaos.

PS : Set a new PR today of doing 108 Surya Namaskar in a row ( with a 1 minute break after every 26 SuryaNamaskars) !!!

108 is an auspicious number in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

It represents the unity and wholeness of existence. It is called the nature’s secret code .

The distance between the moon and earth is 108 times diameter of moon .

Similarly distance between earth and sun is 108 times diameter of sun . Earth’s orbit around the Sun sun is an ellipse but on Sept 18-19, if is almost a circle with the distance between Sun and Earth 108 times the diameter of the sun.

108 is 12( number of Zodiacs ) multiplied by 9 ( planets)  giving 108.

Humans have 108 Feelings . 36 based on past , 36 based on present, 36 based on future .

108 sacred sites in India ,

108 Upanishads( Hindu sacred texts )

108 Marmas in Ayurveda

108 names of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu

108 names of Buddha and 108 lamps devoted to him .

Buddhist temples have 108 steps and 108 columns.

In Christianity , From Soul’s Day November 2 to Christmas Dec 25, there are 54 days and 54 nights making a total of 108.

108 is a Harshad number , a number that is divisible by the sum of its digits .

108 degrees angle of pentagon

108 dance forms in Indian Traditions

108 time frames in Rosicrucian cycle

108 types of Meditation

108 Beads on a Mala

108 deep Breaths( Pranayama)  in a day to reach enlightenment

108 virtues in Jain Tradition

108 energy lines / Nadis converging to Heart Chakra.

108 is the maximum number in Kriya Yoga

108 Pressure points in human body

108 Double stitches in a Base ball

In Yoga, 108 refers to Spiritual Completion, as there are 108 beads in a Mala used for Japa .

Hence 108 is a mysterious number that connects the ancient world to modern world and connects the physical realm to metaphysical realm.

Hence completed 108 Sun Salutation today , A New PR for me today !!!

Special Thanks to my Yoga Teacher Alok Sharma for guiding me in this amazing journey.


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