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"Caring for your HEART with our HEARTS."® Since 1993.

My heart is filled with Gratitude with blessings from my patients.

When I took my Hippocratic Oath with Mother Teresa on March 24, 1984 when I graduated from Maulana Azad Medical College , University of Delhi, New Delhi, I had no idea about the power of blessings I will receive from my patients during my career. My passion of caring for my patients has brought innumerable blessings from my patients and I  am extremely grateful for them as NO WORDS CAN EVER express my gratitude and how much they mean to me . Recently my patient Neha who came for a third opinion and I was able to help her . During the follow up visit , she brought this amazing piece of art that she created herself. This invaluable gift simultaneously brought smiles and tears of joy!

Thank you Neha for your kindness!!!


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