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Your Breath is Your Life

What you need to know for sure is that Your Breath is Your Life , It is your biggest asset and your strongest anchor!!! Prānāyāma is the yogic practice of focusing on breath. In Sanskrit, prana means "vital life force", and yama means to gain control. In yoga, breath is associated with prana, thus, pranayama is a means to elevate the prana shakti, or life energies. Whenever you feel stressed or tense , Stop for a moment, Sit Back , Relax , and take a few deep breaths by Breathing in and out through the nostrils, with a focus on breath and breath alone . Ideal scenario is Breathe in for 4 seconds , Hold for 4 seconds and Breathe Out for 8 seconds. Focus must be on the breath and breath alone . However , if your mind wanders away from the breath , gently bring the focus back to the breath. With Pranayama, you will increase your focus on the present , help you get centered and you will also feel the release for surrendering what is not in your control bringing Peace and Harmony to your Mind , Body and Spirit . The PS: I created a new PR for doing a Single Yogic Breath for 140 seconds. ( Breathe in for 10 seconds , holding for 120 seconds and Breathing out for 10 seconds.) Please DO NOT try this at home as it can be dangerous as it MUST be done under supervision with tremendous practice . Thanks to my Yoga Teacher/ Guru Alok Sharma in New Delhi , India navigating me through my Yoga Practice. #yoga , #pranayama, #mindbodyspirit, #stressmanagement, #yogaislife, #deepbrethning, #drsuneja, #cardiotwitter , #houstonmethodist, #houstontexas, #katytexas, #gratitude , #happiness 🧘♂️🧘♂️🧘♂️🧘🧘🧘🏽♀️🧘🏽♀️🧘🏽♀️


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