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World Book Day : April 23

Books are a treasure to keep . Reading is nourishment for your mind and food for your soul. Reading also takes you to adventures unexplored and a fantasy world you can visit . An author only begins a book but a reader helps finish it .

Just finished reading two incredible books .

“The Archer “by Paulo Coelho that illustrates the way of the bow and arrow and tenets of life . He describes we need a spiritual connection between action and soul that can help enrich our lives and that a life lived with fear of failure or rejection is not a life worth living. So be Bold, build courage , take risks and take the road less travelled and explore what the journey of life has to offer .

Mitch Albom’s “ The stranger in the lifeboat “is a fascinating journey of 10 strangers who try to survive after a terrible shipwreck. This deeply moving novel teaches us about the power of love and hope in the midst of danger and despair. This life death mystery will inspire you and keep you on the edge of your seat right till the end .

So pick up a book and enjoy your Journey.


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