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A Work of Art!!!

How do you Thank your 90 year old patient who brings a work of art she made with so much L❤️VE ?

Ms. Alice Hockin, my patient, who I have cared for, over two decades brought this beautiful oil painting, a pure labor of love as a gift today. She worked diligently for hours creating this masterpiece.

While taking this picture with all smiles, we both spontaneously held our hands tight, an pure expression of love and gratitude, reminding me the special bond, we as physicians enjoy with our patients.

I am extremely grateful to all my patients including Ms. Hockin who have given me this opportunity of a lifetime to serve them for the past three decades. I feel blessed to care for and serve them as there is no greater joy than the joy of service!!!

Thank you so much Ms. Hockin from the bottom of my heart for your priceless gift and also giving me permission to share this beautiful story. 🙏🙏🙏


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