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Words just can’t describe the feelings !!!

Absolutely Loved meeting my Mentor / My Professor/ My Teacher Dr John Hodgson in Cleveland yesterday. My wife and I flew just for the day to celebrate 30 Years of me finishing my Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at University Hospitals / Case Western Reserve University and personally thank Dr Hodgson for all that he taught me while I was his student. He is an amazing teacher and a great human being. I am extremely grateful to him and credit him tremendously for all I learnt in Cardiology and Catheterization Lab from him.

30 years have gone by but the great memories are so vivid . We talked about our times at Case Western and the three decades since then , Our Careers, Our Families, our Children, Grand Children , our travels and our blessings .

It was such a beautiful and unforgettable evening as we talked about our lives at length at Dinner recapitulating events of three decades .

Dr Hodgson and his wife Dinah invited us then both to their beautiful home after the Dinner as our conversations about our lives continued till late evening.

John then gifted me an autographed copy of his book “ Healing the System” that was published just last week . I finished the book on our flight back home early this AM and totally loved the book.

As we bid goodbyes to them , we hope to see them hopefully very soon in Htown so they can experience our Southern Hospitality too !!!


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