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Wimbledon Celebrated 100 Years

Wimbledon Celebrated 100 Years of Center Court on July 3, 2022  with a Special Ceremony attended by 26 Previous Wimbledon Champions .

As the Grand Centenary Celebrations began, The crowd gave standing ovation welcoming all the previous champions with Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer , Bjorn Borg, Billie Jean King , Chris Evert , Venus Williams , Andy Murray , John McEnroe , and Rod Laver among the returning stars .

Sir Cliff Richard entertained the crowd by singing “ Summer Holiday “ and singer songwriter Freya Ridlings aldo performed on a Grand White Piano that was brought out especially for her.

Inspired by watching Wimbledon this weekend , I played more Tennis this weekend than I have played in months .

The perfect sound of the tennis ball making music with the strings of the two racquets almost reminds us of the modern day gladiators outpacing each other with their power ,skills and mindset. From the perfectly placed serve down the T just grazing the line to the poise of a backhand, from the lucky shot just  kissing the highest part of the net to the finesse of a drop shot , from the powerful topspin forehand to a perfect lob, the stamina of the over the court chaser to the fortitude of a steadfast base-liner, the Tennis Connoisseurs are completely intrigued by this spectacle of Wordless Conversation with every match literally a short novel in itself. Indeed these are the reasons , Tennis is called the “First Beautiful Game “ as was first played almost 400 years ago.

This Graceful game literally is Poetry in motion.


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