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What an Amazing handmade Gift celebrating Beatles from my 85 year old patient !!!

Ms. Miriam Anderson who has been my patient for 5 years, brought this beautiful Beatles graphic T shirt that she created herself and printed using technology herself . She gifted it on this special day celebrating February 9, the day when Beatles 60 years ago today mesmerized millions Americans by their performance on the Ed Sullivan show and took America by storm. She even cut out an article on Ringo Starr from AARP magazine for me to read . As you can see , she herself is a Big Beatles fan !!! 🙂🙂🙂 Ms Anderson is a retired teacher and volunteers even now by making Teddy Bears for patients in Hospice . She has an amazing sense of purpose and has a wonderful sense of humor. She expressed that staying busy and giving to community gives her joy more than words can ever describe. Once again , her “ Ikigai” which is giving joy to others gives her a strong purpose of life . Words just can’t describe how rewarding it is to witness our wonderful connection with our patients who go to such lengths to shower their Love and blessings upon us . . It truly is a Blessing and we truly indebted to them ! Thank you so much Ms Anderson . ( posted with her permission) #drsuneja , #blessings , #grateful , #ikigai , #beatles 🎵🎶🎵🎶❤️❤️


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