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US Heart and Vascular Leadership Retreat:

Just returned from the Spring Leadership Retreat of US Heart and Vascular held in Atlanta this weekend. It was a wonderful experience meeting Physician leaders from all parts of the country and meeting USHV leadership. We are very excited about the growth opportunities for all of us while delivering Excellent , Comprehensive, Cardiovascular care accessible in our local communities through our network of talented cardiologists with our compassionate and skilled office teams . As team building exercise , all 6 teams were given the Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow challenge. This is given routinely to MBA students all over the world to teach culture of teamwork. Our team of 5 ( Dr Omar Awar , Jim Blue, Sarah Rittman , Mike Planz and myself) won the Spaghetti Tower and Marshmallow Challenge that involves building the tallest freestanding tower in 18 minutes from 20 sticks of spaghetti, one meter of string and a meter of Tape and one pair of scissors. The freestanding tower must remain stable when the Marshmallow is placed on the top. We built a 26 1/2 inch stable tower which was the tallest of all the 6 teams . This exercise taught us the importance of brainstorming like a scientist , working cohesively while welcoming input from every member of our diverse team . The Key was executing a practical solution in a timely manner and a 261/2 inch stable tower did it ! And of course, it was so much fun in spite of being under pressure. The Spaghetti Marshmallow challenge brought back memories of the same exercise I did in Shanghai , China in November 2018 as part of the year long Harvard SQIL Certification Program. At that time also , Our team won out of 16 teams ( 6 members on each team ) building a 241/2 inch stable tower . The first picture is with USHV Team from yesterday while the second picture is with SQIL Team from 2018.


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