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Unbelievable, 58 years ago today!

February 9, 1964 is the day Beatlemania swept the United States.

At 8:12 PM , Sunday, Feb 9, Ed Sullivan on the CBS TV studio introduced the Quartet to the American audience with “ Ladies and Gentlemen …. The Beatles.

“The Beatles began by singing “All my Loving “followed by “ Till there was you “ . The crowd literally went into a frenzy with their rendition of “ She loves you “ followed by “ I saw her standing there and finally their #1 hit “ I want to hold your hand “ which was drowned out by the screams of the audience.

A record 73 million Americans which was 40 % of the the US population tuned in making it the most watched TV show in the history of US Television.

Beatlemania had finally swept the US by storm !

The British Invasion of US was now official ! #drsuneja, #beatles , #beatlemania , #edsullivanshow, #music, #britishinvasion


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