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Truly a World Cup Final for the ages !!!

Dramatic Finish to the marquee final between Argentina and France at FIFA World Cup will go into history as probably one of the the Greatest Games in Soccer . It had a Hollywood fairy tale ending with a crowning glory for the much deserved Soccer Icon Lionel Messi who along with his teammates and Goalkeeper Martinez helped Argentina win the World Cup in penalty kicks . Argentina couldn’t have won this game without the unbelievable save by Martinez in the 120th minute. France played a phenomenal game with Mbappe scoring an unbelievable hat-trick taking his overall goal tally to 12 , equaling the world record of Pele and Messi . It was ultimately Messi , who by his unparalleled performance having played the most minutes : 2314 in World Cup created many World records . Messi who has played World Cup since 18, became the oldest player to score not only 7 Goals in World Cup at 35, he also had 26 appearances in World Cup ( first at age 18) and most goal contributions in a World Cup ( 13 Goals and 8 assists ). Messi by winning 2022 World Cup proved to not only Argentina but the entire World, that he is truly deserving of the title of one of the greatest players of Soccer . #argentina , #fifaworldcup2022 , #fifaworldcup , #messi , #drsuneja


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