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Today February 4th is World Cancer Day !

Let’s All come together and fight cancer and support people affected by Cancer by being kind and compassionate. Also please take time to get screened your self . Women need screening Mammograms, Men need PSA screenings . Adolescent Children need HPV Vaccines . Screening for Colon Cancer by Colonoscopy is also important for adults . Smokers need screening for Lung Cancer . Skin Screening is also very important. Modern Breakthroughs with Immunotherapy has revolutionized Cancer Care . Please schedule your Physical with your Physician to discuss all these important things ! Like the old English saying, “ An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure” So Take Care of Yourself by talking Charge of your Health!!! #drsuneja, #worldcancerday2023 , #cancerawareness , #cancerscreening , #immunotherapy


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