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The Iconic “Love Story “ is celebrating its 52 nd anniversary today on December 16.

I vividly remember seeing this movie with my dear friend Deepak and crying uncontrollably that forced him to leave the theater towards the end as I was unable to stop crying . Even to this day having watched it over 2 Dozen times , it still brings tears watching the incredible emotions of love, romance , pain and suffering . It is one of the greatest Romantic movies ever and one of highest grossing movies with Box Office collections of $173 million equivalent to $1 Billion dollars today ( cost was merely 2.2 million). It was also one of the most successful movies in the history of Hollywood with 7 Golden Globe Awards , 7 Academy Awards nominations with an Academy Award and 3 Grammys . So please find yourself time during this Holiday Season to enjoy this classic and hear the famous iconic line “ Love means never having to say you’re Sorry.” The theme song “ where do I begin” rendition by Andy Williams and score by Francis Lai not only won the Academy Award but were pivotal in movie’s unbelievable success. Interestingly, Eric Segal wrote the script for the movie first and Paramount pictures asked him to write the book to pre publicize the movie . The book which was released on Valentine’s Day 1970 remained on #1 NYT Best seller for 42 weeks . It was estimated that 1 in 5 Americans have read the book . #drsuneja , #lovestory , #wheredoibegin,#ericsegal PS : The Love Story poster with Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw here adorned my room for years when I was a teenager as I fell in love not only with movie but also with Ali MacGraw !!! 🙂🙂🙂


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