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"Caring for your HEART with our HEARTS."® Since 1993.

September 29 is World Heart Day !

Today , September 29 is World Heart Day !

This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to stop and consider how best to use your Heart ❤️ for Humanity, For Nature and For You !!!

Beating Cardiovasular Disease is something that matters to every beating Heart .

Use Heart means to think differently, to make right decisions, to act with courage and to help others .

Heart is the only organ that you can hear and feel. And yes, it is the first and the last sign of life .

It is one of very few things that has the potential to unite us ALL as People !!!

For Every Heart involves the use of “ FOR”and swings the focus from the actions themselves to the beneficiaries of the actions , allowing for wider application of campaign while also making it more personal.

We at Cardiology Center of Houston want the World Heart ❤️ Day message to reach as many individuals as possible to help achieve Cardiovascular health for EVERY HEART ❤️!

“Caring for your heart with our Hearts “is our motto along with

“I Treat , HE Cures “ as we always seek blessings of GOD in helping to heal our patients with kindness and compassion.

PS: My very first work of Oil on Canvas which I made late last night. Hours went by making it and never realized time how flew by.

Art is like Zen, It allows you to express your thoughts  , feelings and your inner self without using any words .


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