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September 11, A day to remember !

20 years ago today, Terrorists attacked the Twin towers and the Pentagon in an attempt to bring America down but they couldn’t wound it’s spirit. Instead, it brought America together as never before. Thousands of brave citizens lost their lives but their valor will never be forgotten. The incredible spirit of the thousands of New York Fire department and NYPD personnel ( some of them even made the supreme sacrifice) along with health care professionals who came to rescue the fallen and injured will be etched in our memory for a lifetime .

No Day shall erase you from the memory of time.

Today, let us all pause for a moment and Remember the fallen heroes. May we all stand United and pray for the Peace and harmony at home and abroad.

May there be peace in our hearts and in our minds.

May there be peace in our homes and in our communities.

May they be peace all over the world.

Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !! Om Shanti !!! Prayers for Happiness for all of humanity.

Namaste ,

Love and Gratitude !


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