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Santorini, The #1  Sunset in the World.

On Santorini's shores, where dreams collide, The sunset paints the heavens wide, With hues of orange, pink, and purple dance, In skies where Gods and mortals trance. Seagulls soar o'er the Aegean blue, As if they know the magic's true, The breeze whispers secrets, softly sighs, As the Sun God’s descent draws nigh. A painting divine, a masterpiece, Where souls find solace, troubles cease, In this moment, time stands still, As hearts with wonder, spirits fill. It's as if God's hand did reach, To paint the sky, teach and preach, That in this blend of light and hue, Lies a truth both old and new. A merging with the divine above, A feeling of boundless love, As the sun dips low, the world aglow, In Santorini's sunset's afterglow. Each night a promise, each end a start, In the twilight, we find our part, To embrace the beauty, let it seep, Into dreams where secrets keep. For in this sunset's sacred gleam, Lies the hope of a brand new dream, A promise whispered on the breeze, Of love, of passion, of endless peace.   Randeep Suneja. March 17, 2024  Inspired by our visit to Santorini last week. #santorini , #godsgrace , #godsbeauty, #sunsetviews , #greekislands , #love , #peace, #hope, #aegeansea, #drsuneja , #usheartandvascular


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