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Patient’s Trust and Perseverance Extraordinaire!!!

Meeting Ms. Lynn Burr again after 27 years was a profound and heartwarming experience that epitomized the enduring impact of a doctor patient relationship. In 1992, Immediately after finishing my fellowship at Case Western Reserve University, I had relocated to Texas and had the privilege of looking after Ms. Lynn Burr’s Mother at Bayshore Hospital in Pasadena, Texas, during my tenure working for a private cardiologist. Fast forward to 2019, when Ms. Lynn Burr , who was 79 years at that time came herself to visit our Clinic in Katy , Texas , seeking a second opinion with her sister Laurel. She introduced herself by reminding me that I had taken care of her Mother 27 years ago in another town in Texas . Obviously I had absolutely no recollection of that interaction. However Remarkably, Ms Lynn Burr had kept my business card all these years, a token of trust that deeply moved me. Lynn , who was living in central Texas about three hours away had been repeatedly hospitalized for a cardiology problem but her local physicians were unable to find the answers. Unable to find solutions to her problems, Ms Lynn Burr brainstormed with her sister Laurel and decided to locate me , if possible using my 27 year old business card which she had preserved . They located me practicing in Katy , Texas and both sisters drove three hours plus to consult with me brining all her medical records with her seeking solutions to her problems. Upon reviewing Lynn's extensive medical records, encompassing over a hundred pages, I determined immediate hospitalization was necessary. The subsequent day she underwent a cardiology procedure completely alleviating her symptoms effectively. Lynn's unwavering trust and recollection after nearly three decades underscored the profound nature of our profession. Her journey reflected a unique bond forgethrough a single compassionate patient doctor interaction almost three decades ago extending beyond time and geography . This encounter exemplifies the essence of medical practice—a blend of expertise, compassion , and enduring relationships. Lynn's decision to seek care based on our prior connection underscores the significance of trust in the patient-doctor dynamic. Ms Lynn Burr recently moved to another part of Texas and continues her care there locally. Her trust and perseverance provided an unimaginable source of professional fulfillment that transcends words .Moments like these reaffirm our slogan “ caring for your heart with our hearts," where trust remains the cornerstone of healing. We as physicians are blessed to have these opportunities given to us by our patients , to experience this contentment and satisfaction which is the true definition of Success !!! ( posted with Ms Burr’s permission. Picture of Ms Lynn Burr with her younger sister Laurel) US Heart and Vascular Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, MBA Marc Boom Marc Harrison Cole Giordon Adam Danyal  #drsuneja


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