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Our Wishes and Our Prayer For 2021

Loved “Our Wishes and Our Prayer For 2021 for our Friends and Our Family All over the Globe!

We Wish you Boundless Happiness and Joy,

We Wish you a Heart Full of Love and Life full of Laughter and Smiles,

We Wish you Perfect Health, Absolute Peace and Contentment,

We Wish you to share Kindness and Compassion with all of humanity,

We Wish you Experience Joys of Giving and Wealth of Gratitude,

We Wish you Enjoy Freedom and Liberty,

We Wish you Wealth, Prosperity and Success beyond your dreams,

We Wish you Meditate, Contemplate and Grow,

We Wish you Harmony and Peace in your Mind, Body and Soul,

We Wish you Profound Knowledge and Worldly Wisdom,

We Wish you Amazing Travels and Discoveries once Covid is gone,

We Wish you Experience True Love with your Spouse/Partner,

We Wish you A World of Blessings from your Parents, Teachers and Elders

We Wish you Loving relationships with your Parents and Children,

We Wish you Deepen your friendships with your Friends,

We Wish you Discover your Passion and Reach beyond your Potential with Dedication and Commitment,

We Wish you Dream Big and Shoot for the Stars,

We Wish you the Very Best you can be,

We Wish you Learn from the Past, Live in the Present and Hope for the Best in the Future,

We Wish That GOD gives You All that Your heart desires,

Finally We wish a Covid Free World!!!

We Wish You All a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2021!

Love and Best Wishes from the Suneja Family!!!



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