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New Year’s Resolution!!!

Stress Less , Laugh more ,

Eat less , Exercise more,

Despair less, Hope more,

Hoard Less , Share more,

Fear Less, Pray more ,

Worry Less, Meditate more,

Pessimistic less, Optimistic more,

Complain less , Forgive more ,

Talk less, Listen more

Angry less , Smile more ,

Agitate less , Calm more ,

Ungrateful less, Gratitude more,

Indifference less, Compassion more,

Selfishness less, Kindness more,

Distrust less, Faith more,

Discord less, Peace more,

Laziness less, Dedication more,

Apathy less, Passion more,

Work Balance, Play / Travel more,

Melancholy less, Happy more,

Infirmity none, Health &

Well-being for ALL ,

Abhor NONE , L❤️VE ALL !!!

May the Buddha within you awaken and enlighten the World Filling your Life and People around you With Peace , Love and Happiness !!!🙏😊👏🎉🎈❤️

Best wishes from Suneja Family!!!


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