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Mother’s Love,

The Greatest Gift from God !!! In the realm of love, where hearts align, A mother's devotion, so divine. From depths of souls, where pure love thrives, Her tender care, our spirits revive. Her swift moves as if she dances with the breeze, In her embrace, we find sweet ease. Her love, a flame that never dies, A beacon of warmth in stormy skies. Her soft spoken words as she whispers through her gentle touch, A love that heals, it means so much. Through wintry trials, her unwavering stand, Guiding us with her steadfast hand. Her majestic personality shows her grace, In every step, a soothing embrace. A mother's love, a symphony grand, Playing the chords of peace in our land. With her eternal wisdom, she weaves a tale, Of love's union, where souls prevail. Her heart, a vessel of kindness and care, A sanctuary where burdens we share. Compassion and kindness in her words a healing balm, Caress our wounds, bring us calm. Her love, a salve for our weary hearts, A haven where each broken piece restarts. Her melodies grace her lullabies, A soothing balm as day turns to night. In her embrace, we find solace and rest, A love that nurtures, forever blessed. Proudly singing praises of her family, In her presence, we find serenity. Her love, a bridge, connecting souls, Uniting us, making us whole.

Nature's symphony echoes her love, The gentle rain, the cooing of the dove. In blossoms' bloom and mountains' might, Her love's essence, a radiant light. Unconditional, her love does flow, A river's current, constant and slow. With every breath, her love takes flight, Igniting our spirits, igniting our sight. In these beautiful words , a glimpse we've found, Of a mother's love, so profound. Through the words from my heart, We celebrate this unconditional pure love, the greatest gift from GOD !!! Penned these thoughts during my weekend trip to New Delhi to see my Mom. Holding on to wonderful memories from Yesteryears while making precious memories during my weekend trips to New Delhi . It is the Magic of Mother’s Love that gives me the energy to do my fourth trip to Delhi this year ( three of them were weekend trips ) . Mom’s love is the Purest , Most Unconditional Love of All !!!❤️❤️❤️


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