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Hurricane Harvey : Bitter Sweet Memories

Four years ago , today , August 28, marks the fourth anniversary when in the late hours of that fateful day , our home and also our office were flooded due to record 52 inches of downpour that Hurricane Harvey brought to the Houston area. I even climbed the roof of our home waving white shirt to the helicopters rescuing people in our neighborhood Just to get attention to let them know we needed help.

As Good Samaritan / Friend Richard Hodge , who after finding we were flooded, texted me ,“ I am on a mission to help the man who has helped thousands of lives.” This text to this day brings tears to my eyes . He along with two other angels rescued us from our home with our family and our Dog Cookie by climbing the 8 Feet back wall and walking in almost 3 feet high waters in our backyard. As we all were climbing the back wall with tears trickling down my cheeks looking back at the flooded home , we found safe haven in a boat waiting on the other side. We were blessed with unbelievable loving support from so many wonderful friends to whom we are greatly indebted for helping us in our journey of recovery. While rebuilding began, we opened an office in Methodist Katy in 10 days with help of CEO Wayne Voss . It also brought our family closer together. In addition it strengthened our friendship/ relationships of our office family including my partners as we all worked hard to be the first functional office in Katy in merely 2 months rebuilding our entire office and equipment with help of Rex Moore and his team.

Houston has never been more stronger in any adversity as we all witnessed during Harvey. It was an incredible sight to see Houstonians helping their fellow citizens irrespective of Race , Religion, Ethnicity or Social status earning the tiltle #hoUStonstrong.

May God continue to Bless Houston and the USA , this wonderful land of Liberty and Land of Opportunity!

This Picture of our rescue boat that was published in Houston Chronicle next morning was taken by a reporter who happened to be my patient . #drsuneja, #grateful, #gratitude, #HurricaneHarvey, #hoUStonstrong


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