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How do you Thank your patient for such a genuine gesture ?

I am deeply touched and very grateful to my patient of 18 years Mr Antonio Gomez for the exquisite handcrafted pen he graciously presented to me today during his visit . I was totally astonished how he handmade a pen . His thoughtful gesture speaks volumes, and the inscription added a personalized touch that truly warmed my heart. This gift, made with such care and love, as he said ”made with my heart” is a testament to the amazing Patient Doctor bond. I will always cherish his gift and am grateful to my patients for the special bond I have with them . I feel that Doctor Patient relationship is a very unique bond which has a spiritual dimension of healing and caring . Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Mr Antonio Gomez for this beautiful token of appreciation. #gratitude , #patientdoctorbond, #thankful, #drsuneja , #usheartandvascular US Heart and Vascular  ( posted this interview with his permission. ) 🙏🙏🙏


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