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Heartfelt Experiences with my Patients !!!

Yesterday, Mr Duane Wagner , My 95 year old patient came for his 6 month visit . I have cared for him for 23 Years when I placed his first Coronary Stent. We talked about our Lives , families , Children and Grandkids. He was also enquiring about my Mom as he knows how close I am to her and travel frequently to see her . I shared , while showing both him and his wife pics of my family here and in India , that My Mom is also getting frail as she will be 89 years old this November. It deeply touched me that my 95 year old patient, who is himself on continuous Oxygen himself , is genuinely concerned about my Mom who is 10,000 miles away .

I thanked him for his blessings I have always felt them when ever we have met . He had gifted our twins on their Birthday several years ago , with a shadow box he had made himself ( he is an engineer and architect) with rare artifacts from India that he had collected when he lived in India in the 1950s . I am greatly indebted to the Blessings of my patients and that is the reason I feel even after completing 31 years practicing Cardiology( This month celebrating 30 years of founding Cardiology Center of Houston) , I plan to practice for another 30 years, Godwilling !!! We both had tears in our eyes that neither of us could control at the end of the visit as we hugged each other until we meet again on his next 6 month visit !!! Even my PA student witnessing this emotional bond had tears in her eyes !!! The Soul of Medicine are these human interactions and NO CHAT GPT can replace these emotional connections!!!

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