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Happy National Teachers ‘ Day !

Happy National Teachers ‘ Day ! 

Today, on May 7th, we celebrate National Teachers' Day by extending our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have played a pivotal role in shaping our lives. Gratitude and appreciation for our teachers are incredibly important, as they have dedicated themselves to imparting knowledge and guidance that has profoundly influenced us. We owe a great deal to our teachers and carry with us a debt of gratitude for their dedication, wisdom, and support throughout our educational journeys. Let's take this moment to express our deep appreciation for their invaluable contributions to our growth and learning.

My first teachers were my parents who taught me right from wrong. They taught me kindness and compassion , work hard , have integrity and to treat people with dignity and respect and emphasized importance of education. 

I also want to Thank you ALL my teachers over my lifetime from whom I learnt so much !!! 🙏🙏🙏

Few names of my teachers 

From Salwan Public School : I remember, Mrs Nanda, Mr Joseph, Mr Singh , Mrs Saxena, Mr Bhaskar, Mr Nandwani, Mr Rai, Mr Mathur . 

Hindu Collge , Pre Med : Dr KP Sarabhai, Dr Gauba 

Maulana Azad Med College: to name a few : Dr Bhargava, Dr Tandon , Dr Chakraborty, Dr Bhatnagar, Dr Chadha , Dr Kulpati , Dr R.C Mishra, Dr BS Rana, Dr GD Gupta . 

SUNY Downstate Residency : Dr Eugene Strauss, Dr Nabil Sheriff, Dr Fontaine .

Case Western Reserve University Fellowship: Dr John Hodgson, Dr Ravi Nair, Dr Albert Waldo, Dr Lesfnesky, Dr Buchter , Dr Farah, Dr Driscoll, Dr Thames , Dr Joyce, Dr Biblo, Late Dr Jarvis.

During my clinical practice of over three decades , I also learnt tremendously from my interactions especially from these very special people : Dr Neal Kleiman , Dr Albert Raizner , Dr Gerald Lawrie, Dr John Mahmarian, Dr Ramesh Hariharan , Dr Biswajit Kar, Dr Pai and Dr Desikan and many other colleagues. In addition, I am grateful to ALL my patients from whom I have learnt a lot too !!! 

Last but not least, I want to thank my wife Seema for teaching me to LAUGH MORE and DRESS COOL ( no more white shirts , suits and ties in past two decades 🙂🙂🙂) !!!

Thank you ALL for all that you taught me and shaped me into who I am today , I am immensely grateful !!! 

( it was a nice journey today going down the memory lane recollecting names of my teachers from more than five decades ago ) 


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