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Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mothers !!!

Concept of Mother’s Day has been there since times immemorial. Greeks held an annual festival “ Cymbele “ ,referring to a mother of their Gods while Romans held “Matronalia “ celebration in honor of Juno . However, the First Mother’s Day was celebrated in US when President Woodrow Wilson declared May 9, 1914 as National holiday honoring Ann Marie Jarvis and all mothers who had dedicated their lives to their families and their nation . In Hinduism, motherhood is given the highest pedestal in the society. Mother is celebrated for her qualities of Love, Sacrifice, forbearance and selflessness to her children and family. Mother’s role as an educator is rightly praised in the Vedic scripture quote ,” a teacher is ten fold superior to a mere lecturer, a father is a hundredfold to a teacher, and a mother a thousandfold to a father .” The word “ Maa” in Hindi represents Mother . It comprises of a consonant “ Ma” and a vowel “aa”.

This consonant pertains to the heart which evokes the emotions of Love, Joy and Happiness while the vowel “aa” relates to “ Anand Shakti” or the Power of Bliss . So in a nutshell , Mother is a treasure house of Bliss, Love and Success . Mother’s Day is now celebrated on the second Sunday in May in over 100 countries all over the World. US spends over $3 billion on Flowers and $80 million on cards on this day . It is the also the most popular day to eat out . It is also a day when over 125 million phone calls are made , more than any other day . So go and Celebrate your Mother by sending Flowers , a phone call or a visit to your Mom !!! So today I celebrate my Amazing Mom who is our Greatest Educator who taught we both brothers the Importance of Education and being kind and compassionate. I also Celebrate my Incredible wife who is a Phenomenal Mother of our twins and truly taught me value of humor and work life balance. We ALL must celebrate all the mothers who dedicate their lives raising their families with their greatest effort for happiness of All. #drsuneja , #happymothersday, #Maa, #love, #flowers , #mothersdaybrunch


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