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Gorgeous Fall Morning

Gorgeous Fall Morning: A moment of Gratitude!

The splendid musical sound of the chimes bringing smile to your soul,

The autumn leaves falling from tall verdant trees rejoicing their journey of rejuvenation,

The burble of water from the enchanted fountain bringing serenity,

Passing breeze through the leaves whispering Happiness in the ears,

Breathing the fresh scent of air rekindling your spirit,

The golden light that shines through the idle clouds sailing through the skies,

Bringing clarity of mind with message of boundless love in my heart,

The poignant song of the birds echoing through the trees,

Monarch butterflies spreading their colorful sails on the corolla of bright Chrysanthemums,

These picture perfect moments define the splendor of God’s amazing creation,

With endless cascades of Joy showering all around,

All this ebullience sweeping in tranquility while captivating the beauty of life,

Synchronously singing the melodious notes of harmony in my heart,

Flooding my soul with infinite peace,

I loose myself in this love of this divine endless bliss,

In total awe of the fathomless blessings of gratitude and thankfulness!

Randeep Suneja. Nov 15, 2020

Inspired by the beautiful day today, my first attempt at poetry.


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