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“Get back “ is the amazing MUST SEE new documentary on Disney plus by Oscar winner Peter Jackson

This project that took place in four weeks of January 1969, represents the only time when Beatles were filmed at such length while creating music. You literally feel like a fly on the wall as you hear them sing, laugh, dance, joke, gossip, argue , split( George Harrison temporarily walked out ) and they again “Get back “together to create one of the Greatest Albums “ Let it be “ and also create phenomenal additional songs : Something, Octopus’ Garden , The long and winding road.

The striking unbelievable creativity of The Beatles is simply mesmerizing as witnessed in this documentary as songs and music are being created right in front of our eyes. They collaborate and nurture ideas , trust and enthuse each other,, disagree and agree , to improvise literally creating a mutual metamorphosis transforming individual ideas into this unforgettable magical collection of music undeniably by this Greatest Band on earth.

At the culmination of the recording, the initial plan for Live concert on an Ocean liner / North Africa / Gibraltar / Primrose Hill is cancelled and the Fab Four do a rooftop concert on the Apple‘s building where they were recording. Joined by American Keyboard player and singer Billy Preston( Fifth Beatle) , they sure do you a performance of a lifetime, full of Enthusiasm and Joyous energy as Londoners walking by on the streets are listening to their music coming from the Rooftop while some fans climb on surrounding rooftops to listen to their beautiful creations .The police officers downstairs try to shut the concert down not realizing they are playing on the rooftop. This happened to be the last public performance of the Beatles group.

50 years later Peter Jackson and his talented team at the direction of Apple Corps is able to unfold 50 hours of recording and 120 hours of audio sitting in the vaults in UK and transforming it in New Zealand Studios during this pandemic, creating this 8 hours of unforgettable never seen footage as 3 part Documentary Series “Get back “ , a MUST SEE for every Beatles fan and every music lover .

In Jackson’s own words, “Get Back “ tells us the story of the Beatles” planning for a concert then never takes place”

and a “ Concert that does take place which wasn’t planned” . It also gives an insight into their breakup as they were not as happy ever since Brian Epstein passed away in August 1967 with McCartney even commenting that “Let it be “ showed how the breakup of a group works .

As a passionate Beatles Fan , watching this documentary is literally being a Fly on the wall spending Four weeks with them in the studio. You will once again fall in love with Beatles, The Greatest Band that ever existed. Five Decades later , we still are loving and listening to their music and reading about them ! #getback, #letitbe,, #beatles,#drsuneja, #disneyplus


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