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Brought tears to my eyes today again!

Patient’s priceless gift Brought tears to my eyes today again! 

These beautiful Memories of act of kindness and generosity from 3 years ago by one of my patients. 

My 97 year old patient Mr. Burt Baughman gifted this 1000 piece Heart puzzle exactly 3 years ago today,  as a token of thanks for the care I had provided him for 20 plus years. 

He told me that he worked for 4 days nonstop to finish this incredible work of art, a pure labor of love, with his inscription on the right. 

Unfortunately that was the last puzzle he completed and passed away peacefully few months later. 

Thank You Mr. Baughman, You were not just a WW II hero, who in spite of losing one of his eyes during the war, always lived with optimism and smile. You were a remarkable, unbelievable, inspiration for everyone. We will always be grateful for your love and blessings. We at Cardiology Center of Houston feel truly blessed to continue to receive blessings from all our patients. 

The puzzle is proudly displayed in our clinic!!! (originally Posted 3 years ago with Mr. Baughman’s permission, reposting today) 🙏🙏🙏


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