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Bill Anders : The Astronaut, The Legend who took the iconic “Earthrise “ photograph passed away Friday at the age of 90.

Bill Anders - who was a lunar module pilot on the Apollo 8 mission - took the iconic” Earthrise “ photograph, one of the most memorable and inspirational images of Earth from space . This iconic picture is considered the VERY FIRST COLOR picture of planet Earth and helped coined the word “ Earthrise” as The Earth "rose" because the spacecraft was traveling over the Moon's surface.

Taken on Christmas Eve during the 1968 mission, the first crewed space flight to leave Earth and reach the Moon, the picture shows the planet rising above the horizon from the barren Lunar Surface. 

The image is widely credited with motivating the global environmental movement and leading to the creation of Earth Day, an annual event to promote activism and awareness of caring for the planet.

Speaking of the moment, Anders said the very famous line , "We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing that we discovered was the Earth."

Anders died this Friday doing what he loved most “ Flying “ and died tragically flying solo , his plane at the amazing age of 90 , showing his passion and love for an adventurous life while also living to the fullest to his last moment. 


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