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At 61, Is it too late to start Golf ?

Today marks the first day ever when I played Golf on a Golf Course . I must thank my daughter Divya who gave me the brilliant idea to spend an evening together playing Golf. I am very grateful to my dear friend Mike Jain for the equipment recommendations without which I would be completely lost .

Terry Baylor, a stranger who was going to play Golf with his son was assigned by the Cinco Ranch Golf Club to play with us as a group.

When I introduced my self to him as NEVER having played Golf on a course, he immediately took the role of a mentor and began teaching us both beginning with the absolute basics . Beginning by the names of different clubs to their functions to the different parts of the golf course , how to hold and hit with the Golf Club and yes the Golf etiquettes he literally taught us everything with immense patience and enthusiasm.

We finished 9 holes in about 3 1/2 hours and were pleasantly surprised with some great shots we hit. It was an incredible experience and hope to certainly play again .

Once again Thank you Terry Baylor for truly taking us under your wings and making it a phenomenal memorable experience. Must also thank Noah , Terry’s teenage son who was so patient with us both as his Dad taught us from A to Z about Golf.

No Words can describe our gratitude towards Terry Baylor for his amazing act of kindness! This is how a stranger became a Mentor and a Friend!!! Thanks also to Bob Self from Golf Galaxy who equipped me like a pro in under an hour as I rushed after finishing my clinic to make it on time to my first adventure in Golf. Well , even at 61, it is never too late to begin the game of Golf !



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