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Amazing Inspiring Spirit of a Cancer Survivor!!!

Through seven years of trials, a tale unfolds, A cancer survivor, Marcelli Rosemond, bold. At forty-one, the journey's fight did start, Stage 4 colon cancer, but she held her heart. A hundred and six chemo courses, brave, Since 2016, at MD Anderson, she'd engrave. Multiple surgeries faced with strength, Yet, still, her smile spans the length. Resilience, positivity, hope's guiding light, Love of family, patience through the night. Fearless and passionate, she stands tall, Blessings of God and skilled doctors, her all. In this dance of life, she finds her way, A survivor's spirit, stronger day by day. ( Posted this Video with her permission , taken during her visit with me last week in my office ) #mdanderson, #cancersurvivor , #coloncancer , #cancer , #immunotherapy , #chemotherapy , #drsuneja


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