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A Very Happy 15th Birthday to our twins Nisha and Shivani on Christmas Eve, 2022.

15 Years of Love and Gratitude, 180 Months of Happiness, 5479 Days of Action and Liveliness, 131490 Hours of Laughter, 7,888, 9400 Minutes of Merriment, 473,364,000 seconds of seconds of Bliss and Beatitude, And Yes, a few moments of Heartaches too , All in All , 15 Years of Fun we would Not trade for anything else in Life !!! We Wish you stay Hungry and Foolish , We Wish you stay Kind, Humble and Grateful, We Wish you continue your Journey of learning and perseverance at St Agnes Academy with full passion, We Wish you stay excited about Soft Ball and Tennis all your Life , We wish the bond between you twin sisters continues to grow and flourish all your lives, May your Hearts be always filled with Gratitude and Compassion, May your Lives be full of Happiness and Laughter , May you both be the masters of your fate and captain of your soul, May you take the road less travelled , while you hold steadfast to your dreams and soar high like an eagle , May you Always keep smiling like the sweet blessings of Spring and radiate optimism like a Rainbow, You Both bring incredible Joy and Laughter to your Friends and Family, We Hope to continue to Guide and Love you to our last breath, We Love you both Nisha and Shivani , all the way to the Moon and back , You are a true Blessing in our lives and we are Very Grateful to God for that , Once Again , A Very Happy Special 15th Birthday to our Twins Nisha and Shivani , We Pray for your Happiness and Wellbeing, Today , Tomorrow and Always !!! Mom and Papa, December 24, 2022. #happybirthday, #drsuneja #stagnesacademy, #softball , #tennis , #catcher, # #happiness #grateful #love #learning


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