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A Milestone to remember 40 years ago , Dec 31, 1983 !!!

40 years ago , Dec 31, 1983, A memorable day when at the age of 23, I graduated from Maulana Azad Medical College, University of New Delhi and received Blessings from Saint Mother Teresa and took the Hippocratic Oath with Mother Teresa as my family witnessed this historic moment in my life. I was also very honored to receive a Gold Medal in Surgery from President of India , Giani Zail Singh at graduation. July 1, 1993 , 30 years ago , at age 32, I founded Cardiology Center of Houston with Zero Patients and a $ 75,000 loan . The Journey has been both incredible and amazing. Dr Pai and Dr Desikan joined me 10 years ago and with God’s Blessings we have been growing at a record pace now very close to an unbelievable landmark of having seen 100,000 patients in three decades. Our patients now come from a dozen states and over a dozen countries. Further fast 40 years now , from the day I graduated till today, I feel very blessed to lead our caring team that feels very honored and privileged caring for our patients not just with our Hearts but with our Souls in the most compassionate manner delivering world class cardiovascular care to our patients. September 1, 2023 , we became part of a prestigious Nationwide Cardiovascular group , US Heart and Vascular. We are super excited about our new partnership as we plan to accomplish new heights together while we continue to serve our patients with even greater enthusiasm and efficiency in decades to come . Medicine runs in my veins and I feel truly blessed leading our team with continued dedication and passion while “caring for our patients with our Hearts “. We Still believe in our motto “ I Treat , He Cures” as we always seek blessings of God in helping heal our patients. Wishing you All a Very Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year full of Happiness and Health.


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