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30 Years of Practice and Still counting !

This week brought Amazing Joys  to our practice.

This week , We had two patients, one  who drove 8 hours one way from East Texas and another 11 hours one way from Mississippi for their Cardiology care to our Clinic . These are patients who at one one time lived in the Houston area but have continued to see us regularly even after moving more  than 6-7 years ago .

I am speechless and feel very fortunate when I see this degree of loyalty and trust from our patients. It is very heart warming and extremely professionally satisfying.

Words will NEVER be able to express what I feel but my heart is full of Gratitude.

Also the Thank you notes from my recent students Swati and Regan as their rotations ended recently were an icing on the cake .

Moments like these bring Tears of Joy and Boost your enthusiasm even more .

For all these reasons , I will retire Only the day I get in the casket for I Absolutely LOVE what I do and feel extremely Blessed !!!

Medicine does run in my veins!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙏🙏🙏🙏#drsuneja, #happiness, #gratitude, #cardiotwitter, #cardiologist,#medicine,#teaching, #love


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