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27 Years ago when I beat the Helicopter !!!

It is a great feeling to be able to follow your patients for decades . But sometimes the memory of your first meeting with your patient can be etched not just in your memory but also in the memory of the patient. Mr Brian Spence has been my patient for 27 years and we both remember our first meeting so well . He was critically ill and was being life flighted to a tertiary care center for Emergency Cath . His wife that day was too nervous to drive , so I gave her a ride in my car , as I headed to the hospital where he was being Life flighted to Perform the Emergency Heart cath. 27 years later , we talked about it as if it happened not too long ago . Trust forms the unshakable foundation of the doctor patient relationship. Life is a Beautiful Journey!!! Life is a Blessing!!! #drsuneja , #medicine , #Cardiology  , #cardiotwitter , ( this interview taken during Mr Spence’s 6 month visit this week and posted with his permission )


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