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Physician Community all over the World is providing selfless care to COVID 19 and other patients in the greatest Health Challenge of our time. There is only one way to overcome this unprecedented challenge: Positive and Optimistic Thinking with each one of us doing the right thing: Stay home, Personal Hygiene and Social Distancing.

There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind we will emerge stronger and wiser but until then please be kind, compassionate and patient as this too shall pass. Scientists are working nonstop to find a cure and a vaccine. Let us ALL have a collective conscience of “Oneness” and “Togetherness” not only in these trying times and but even after we return to normalcy.

Let us ALL Pray for our Patients for their well-being and for our Healthcare workers for their safety as they are doing amazing work servicing humanity.

I urge everyone to bow to the Divine in each other and to the Divine in yourself. 🙏🙏🙏

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