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Dr Suneja Delivers Lecture in Kathmandu, Nepal at an International Conference on Heart Disease organ

Loved Delivering lecture on Coronary Calcium Score in diagnosing Pre Clinical CAD, at the International Conference on Management of Cardiovasular Disease organized by Mayo Clinic/ Cardiac Society of Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Honored to be on the same podium as Dr Deepak Tempe , Professor and Chair of Anesthesiology at GB Pant Postgraduate Institute/ MAMC and Former Dean of MAMC . The conference was well attended with over 500 plus attendees and 80 Physician Faculty including International Faculty from 7 countries.

Thanks to Dr Apurb Sharma, my colleague from Harvard SQIL Program who invited me to deliver the lecture.

Many Thanks also to Dr John Mahmarian , Professor of Cardiology/ Chair Cardiovasular CT/ Nuclear Cardiology at #MethodistDeBakey who gave me several slides for the presentation. #education, #conference, #cme, #mamc, #drsuneja, #SQIL, #mayoclinic

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