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Meet A True American Hero!

You can understand why I love taking care of my patients everyday. The biggest reason is that I am continually inspired by my patients on a daily basis and have learnt immensely from them.

Meet Mr Vito Susca, an 88 year old patient of mine whom I have seen for the past 22 years. He served in the #US #Navy during the Korean War. He presented today for his yearly evaluation. He was proudly sharing his pin recognizing his 20 years of service as a #volunteer in the #Literacy Center where he teaches English to Adults who literally have immigrated from all over the world.

He teaches 20 hours a week and just completed 20 glorious years of volunteering. Beaming with a big smile, he proudly talked about the thousands of adults he has empowered by teaching them #English and

ultimately help them become confident to join the workforce.

His spirit of #volunteerism is simply exemplary as he talks of continuing his mission of teaching which he thoroughly enjoys. May God continue to bless him with good health so that he can continue his journey into the next decade.

It is this spirit of Volunteerism that is the the heart and soul of America and plays a critical role on its economic power.

I salute millions of Americans who volunteer countless hours selflessly to make this wonderful country the best nation on earth !!!#veteran, #drsuneja, #houston,#american, #hero

( written with permission of Mr. Susca)

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