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The Trust Equation


TRUST EQUATION: An Amazing, Analytical, Scientific Concept

Thanks to Charles H Green / The #Trusted #Advisor and #Harvard Medical School #SQIL Faculty Dr Melvyn Menezes who taught me the #Trust #Equation at the Harvard Class last month.

This is an incredibly important concept for both #personal and #professional #life for everyone. I immediately loved it when I learnt it and decided to finally pen it down today and share.

This is a phenomenal model of trustworthiness that benchmarks Trust on 4 objective variables.

Credibility: what an individual says/states/writes that is believable.

Reliability: equates to how an individual’s actions are dependable and he/she delivers when one gives a word /promise.

Intimacy: Security one feels when entrusting someone and the confidence that the person will not violate the confidentiality.

Self Orientation: Focus of the individual whether on self or on others.

Of the 4 variables, #Credibility, #Reliability and #Intimacy are directly proportional to Trust indicating that when each of these increase, Trust increases.

#SelfOrientation, which is the Most Important of them all, is inversely proportional indicating lesser the individual is self oriented (cares more about others than self), higher is the trust and vice versa. #hms, #hbs🙏🙏🙏


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