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Dean Baylor College of Medicine( BCM)

Dr Paul Klotman: Dean Baylor College of Medicine( BCM)

It was a privilege to hear and meet Dr Klotman last evening at the Business of Medicine Series organized by the Indo American Chamber Of Commence and the Indian Doctors Association.

BCM is a top tier Medical School which has consistently ranked in the top Medical schools in the nation . With 185 graduates each year, the private school which originally opened in 1900, has the lowest tuition of any private Medical School in the US. Thanks to Dr Michael Debakey who negotiated funding for subsidizing medical education at BCM from the state of Texas in 1948 when he joined Chairman of Surgery at BCM.

10% of Physicians in Texas are graduates of BCM which has collaborations in Research not only with NIH but other Medical Schools not only in US but literally all over the World.

Health Care Industry has just bypassed the Oil and Gas industry as the biggest employer in Houston which is also home to the largest Medical Center in the world where Research and Innovation are the driving force in addition to providing World Class Care.

Blessed to be part of such a Wonderful Community!

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