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The Greatest Living Legend in Cardiology


Meeting Dr Eugene Braunwald today was an Honor and Privilege and moment of a Lifetime!

He is truly the #GREATEST #Living #Legend in the World of Cardiology. Even at the age of 89, he was the Panelist at the Late Breaking Clinical Trials at ACC 19 and gave an amazing critique.

He is the Founding Chairman of the #TIMI #trials beginning in 1984 that revolutionized treatment of Acute MI and Acute Coronary Syndrome. TIMI trials have added amazing knowledge to Cardiology World . As Professor and Chairman at Harvard Medical School for decades, he has written the Braunwald Textbook of Cardiology which is considered “Bible“ of Cardiology and also Editor of Harrison’s Internal Medicine, both books known to and read by every Cardiologist and Medical Student in the World. In addition to numerous text books, he has published over 1000 manuscripts.


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