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Remembering #Harvey: A year to this day , An Incredible Journey.

A year ago today , Houston area was devastated with the worst Hurricane in US history dumping 52 inches of rain over a three day period. As I remember this day when our family was evacuated by boat by amazing Good Samaritans ( including Richard and Jessica Hodge ) , we witnessed humanitarian spirit we have never experienced before. God surely tested our resilience as our office was also flooded too the same day leaving our staff of 23 people and thousands of patients literally homeless. We were however blessed to have love and support pouring from all directions. Our friends and employees put on gloves and boots to help clean up the mess left behind when finally waters receded three days later. We could not be more grateful and fortunate to have unbelievable support and love pouring from all directions from friends, family , our staff , staff at Houston Methodist West Hospital and even our patients. We would like to mention a few friends Richard and Jessica Hodge , Achal Khosla, Poonam Khosla, Mark and Kirsteen James , Carrie and Casper Hassall, Zoila and Felix who helped us tremendously in our recovery process . Words will never be able express our gratitude towards them . Also Our entire office staff led by our manager Angelique, My partners Dr Pai and Dr Desikan, Wayne Voss and the staff at Houston Methodist West Hospital and our IT team lead by Ray and Manny Higuera worked unimaginable hours late into the night and helped us move to a new fully functional office in record 7 business days . Our dear friends Anu and Sagar Naik who introduced us to General Contractor Rex Moore who along with his crew helped us get back in our office in a record two months. We were given keys to cars by by our dear friends Richard and Jessica Hodge , Sam and Marla Nassar and Mike and Rajni Jain to drive their cars for almost two months until we finally got our new cars . With God’s Blessings, we had all these peoples and many more who came into our lives as Guardian Angels and helped us carry on their backs until we found a safe ground . We as a family are extremely grateful and indebted to all of them for all our lives for the love and support we received during the toughest moments of our lives . I am personally also very grateful to my wife Seema and our children for their resolve, optimism, Love and support. As we are still in the process of rebuilding our home , we have once again Rex Moore and George Saba from Cantoni doing an incredible job spearheading the process so that we can get back to our home hopefully by the year end . To sum it all , It has been an incredible year and we are immensely grateful to God , our friends and family for their Love and Support!

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