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100 years of Lincoln Memorial , May 22, 2022

Lincoln Memorial has been one of the world’s best known monuments honoring the 16th President of the United States.

Today , as the monument celebrates it’s centennial, this neoclassical monument which was built by Henry Bacon as a Greek revival temple on the west end of the National Mail houses David Chester French’s Colossal Lincoln statue that weights 175 tons towering 19 feet high and 19 feet wide . The temple has 36 columns representing the 36 States as part of the Union at that time .

The 87 steps from the reflecting pond to the statue are symbolic of the First line “ Four Scores and Seven Years ago … ( 87) of the famous Emancipation speech given by President Lincoln known as the Gettysburg address which is etched in the walls of the temple along with Lincoln’s second inauguration speech .

Lincoln’s statue  built from the Georgia Marble, depicts Lincoln in a contemplative state with a solemn expression on his face with one hand clenched indicative of determination and strength while the other hand being open representing compassion and relaxed state.

The Memorial which is visited by millions of visitors each year , has been a famous backdrop of historic events including Martin Luther King’s famous speech “ I have a dream “ to several Presidential inaugurations .

Even today , this Iconic symbol of American History reminds us of the challenges we must overcome and also celebrate our triumphs as a Nation .

God Bless the USA !!!#lincolnmemorial, #smithsonian, #gettysburgaddress, #abrahamlincoln, #washingyondc, #drsuneja


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