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Why do we go to work every day ?

Medicine is a challenging Science and an Art . When you love what you do , It is pure joy , true satisfaction and contentment and that is another definition of success . As I celebrate 40 years since I graduated from Medical School this December, I feel blessed from the love and affection I have received from my patients over the decades. I have not only been inspired by my patients but have learnt so much from them. This is my Dharma , my calling . Everyone must find theirs !!! Please see the Framed Picture with words of Thanks from Marie and Michael Chaplinsky. Also a hand Crafted Heart from my patient Alvin Gutowsky !!! Grateful to my patients who have touched my Heart with their Love and Kindness!!! #drsuneja , #kindness, #love, #bhagavadgita, #dharma, #gratitude , #success


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