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Tony Bennett: The Man , The Myth , The Legend !!!

A Tribute to the 96 year old Icon who passed away peacefully today at his home in NYC In a world of melodies, a timeless star, Tony Bennett's voice reached near and far. With seventy years of musical sway, He captivated hearts day after day. His jazz singer style, so pure and clear, A persona embraced by all who drew near. Deceptively simple, yet deeply profound, Interpreting songs with a magical sound. The American songbook he did unfurl, Across the globe, his voice would whirl. Seven decades of consistent grace, Not just longevity, but a musical embrace. In the paths of Armstrong and Sinatra, he tread, A legend among legends, his fame widespread. "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," his claim to fame, Two Grammys won, his star forever aflame. A New Yorker with talent so grand, He graced the silver screen, a true renaissance man. In the civil rights movement, he took a stand, With Harry Belafonte and Sammy Davis Jr., hand in hand. An accomplished painter also , with a melody in his song, An artist's soul, both bold and strong, Landscapes bloomed where concerts unfurled, His portraits cherished in Smithsonian's world. From presidents to Mandela and the Queen, His performances regal, an enchanting scene. With Lady Gaga and Celine Dion, he sang, Twenty Grammys in hand, his praises rang. Sixty million records sold, a staggering feat, A storyteller's grace and a melody so sweet. Infectious affability, a charm so grand, A veteran of World War II, a true hero did stand. Even the Beatles' tunes he did embrace, "Something" and "Eleanor Rigby," with style and grace. I was fortunate to see him perform when he was ninety-two, In Houston's Smart Financial Center, his talent anew. He proclaimed it the best venue, with acoustics divine, A testament to a legend, whose light will forever shine. Tony Bennett, an icon of music and love, His legacy eternal, like the stars above. #drsuneja , #tonybennett, #jazzlovers , #cardiotwitter, #music , #beatles , #ladygaga, #newyork  PS: This pic was taken at Smart Financial in Houston when he performed for 2 hours nonstop at 92 years age ! Unbelievable!!! 🎼🎼🎶🎵🙏🙏❤️❤️


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