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The Philosophy of Water !!!💧💧💧

In the Soul of Water H2O, a profound philosophy thrives, With 2 Hs and single O, Humility, Harmony , and Openness it teaches, From ancient Vedas’ wisdom to Bhagavad Gita’s insight Lao Tzu’s sapience and Thales' monoism Philosophic Light, And Bible’s brilliance, they All talk of Water’s might. Water, so soft and yielding, yet powerful but Humble, in its nature it abides, From the grandest of oceans to the smallest tides. It flows with promise of fertility and abundance , a giver of life, Nourishing plants and animals, it is the sustanence of all life. Harmony is its essence, its quality divine, Always seeking solutions, without force, it always align. Around obstacles, with impeccable integrity, it gracefully flows, Embracing its path, with unconditional perseverance it goes. In the face of adversity, it teaches us true, To focus on what we can control, and what we can’t we must forgive, With humility and patience, it adapts to change, Always Perpetually flowing, but always loving the new path rearranged. Its Open heart invites, with a gentle , kind call, To embrace life's currents, surrender, and then rise in spite of the fall. Like water, be versatile and flexible, let go of resistance, Flowing in harmony, finding inner peace in existence. In the river of life, let water be your true guide, Embody its teachings, and allow it to be your curative medicine, Find peace in it’s stillness, and mindful awareness within, Reflecting the beauty of water, a tranquil vision. In the vastness of existence, water flows so free, A sacred essence of life, it nurtures you and me. From tranquil rivers to roaring seas, its beauty does unfurl, Enchanting in its simplicity, the philosophy of water swirls. With gentle whispers, River Ganges shares tales of ancient lore of Himalayas , Of rebirth and renewal, as it cascades down Ganga Plains, Within its depths, reflection shows the soul's profound plea, Embracing the wisdom, we find solace in water’s decree. Through droughts and floods, it perseveres, a resilient force, A metaphor for resilience in life's turbulent course. Let's cherish this gift, this elixir of pure delight, For in water’s embrace, we discover our truest light. So, when life's challenges come knocking at your door, Please Ask yourself, "What would water do?" once more. With Humility, Harmony , and Openness in your soul, You'll Happily find your path forward, just as water flows effortlessly. June 9,2023. Randeep Suneja, #drsuneja,#philosphyoflife, #philosphyofwater, #thales,#vedas,#bhagvadgita, #water, #cardiotwitter, #bible,


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