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Shoulderstand / Sarvangasana .

In this inverted position, where the chin presses against the chest and the legs are straight in the air with toes stretched, and both hands supporting the back . Remind that you are doing a shoulder stand and not a neck stand . With awareness of the “ chakras” from Solar Plexus to Throat Plexus, it becomes a “ Mudra . inverted Effect Seal “ I created a New PR today of nonstop 15 minutes in this Asana beating my previous record of 14 minutes .

Please note This can only be done by an experienced student under instructions of a Yoga Teacher, Thanks to my Guru/Teacher Alok Sharma for guiding my Yoga Lessons for the past two and a half years on Zoom all the way from New Delhi . Hoping to finish my Yoga Certification from The American Yoga Academy hopefully in the next few months !!! More exciting news to come once my certification is complete !!! #yogaforlife, #americanyogaacademy, #yoga,#meditation, #drsuneja


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