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On July 21, Two Cosmic Tales Intertwined

! On July twenty-one, '85, a day divine, Two cosmic tales intertwined as stars aligned, As man walked on the moon on this day in 1969, a feat profound, I landed on this beautiful U.S. ground. A journey filled with challenges, gratefulness and glee, Through trials and triumphs, a life set free, With gratitude, I cherish each stride, Mixed hues of joys and sorrows gently tied. Raising a family, with kids and grand, A wonderful legacy of love, in this vast dreamland, In Houston's heart, as a cardiologist I practice, Serving thousands with compassion, with philosophy of ‘’I TREAT , HE CURES’’. Thirty plus years of healing with kindness and selfless care, A beacon of hope, relieving despair, At peace, content, my soul at ease, A life well-lived, an endless flow of peace. Yet, parents frail, and India's call strong, Frequent trips to home, where hearts belong, The pages of life breeze by like the wind, Each moment cherished, blessings from within. With gratitude immense, I look behind, For God's gifts abundant, love entwined, A loving wife, kids' laughter pure and sweet, Friends and family, joys that absolutely can't be beat. And as I stand upon this milestone's crest, The future beckons, years to manifest, With hopes and faith, the next three decades gleam, A life well-lived, like moonbeams in a dream. Randeep Suneja, July 21, 2023 🙏🙏🙏


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