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New PR in Bike riding!

Today created a New PR in Bike riding covering 36.23 miles in 4 hours and 11 minutes , it was the hardest and longest ride as my longest ride in the past was only 20 miles . The 90 degree temp definitely made it much harder . I began at 7 AM in Katy and drove through George Bush Park riding the trails all the way into Terry Hershey Park until I hit Wilcrest and turned around . The fatigue began to hit around mile 30 as I didn’t realize the wind , the heat and the up and down slopes of the trails was more challenging than I imagined.

By Mile 33, my Quads were cramping severely and I slowed down considerably till I finally got home. I could barely walk when I walked in but got better quickly with rest and hydration .

It was mere resolve and determination coupled with meditation and mindfulness I was doing while listening to several Blinkist books that helped me accomplish possibly the greatest physical challenge I have accomplished in my life to this day on the hottest day in Houston.

(definitely not the smartest thing to do on the hottest day of Houston)


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