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I wonder how did this L♥️VE begin that will never end !

I flew almost 10,000 miles half way around the globe from Houston to New Delhi,

to surprise my Mom on Mother’s Day Weekend.

These 48 hours spent with her were more special than I had ever dreamt!

She had absolutely not even an inkling, that I was flying in to surprise her.

The beautiful expression of disbelief,

When she saw me suddenly appear in the wee hours of the morning,

This very special moment felt frozen as if it lasted for ever.

It was absolutely well worth this long travel to experience this unfathomable Joy,

Happiness we both felt in the warm extended embrace was of course indescribable,

This pure love and joy made my soul afloat in clouds of happiness,

Taking my contentment to unscalable heights.

In the ensuing 48 hours, fortunately with not an iota of fatigue of Jet lag,

This Joyous meeting as if it gave me this limitless energy.

We chatted and ate and spent time together surrounded by family,

I shared my stories of ignorance and mischief from childhood.

Stories of my breakup in medical school that led me to my decision to leave India permanently.

She shared that the happiest day in her life was when my brother was accepted to Medical School,

She remembered the wonderful years she spent with our father.

She expressed my passion for medicine was very evident as a young child,

She was very happy and proud that both her sons chose the Noble Profession serving humanity at large,

She echoed her sentiments that she was even more proud of both her daughter in laws who are very kind, loving and hardworking ladies,

And yes of course Grand kids and Great Grand kids always have a special place in her heart.

I thanked her for being the Rock and source of inspiration for the entire family,

I shared with her my blessings of a wonderful wife, great children and a loving brother and sister in law,

And also expressed my gratitude for my great friends, colleagues and employees,

We listened to her old recordings of her Bhajans (devotional songs) while she even sang a few Bhajans dedicated to God,

As I held dearly all the treasures of her blessings into my heart.

Her Joy knew no bounds, when her 85-year-old younger sister came to visit her on Mother’s Day,

They met each other after a hiatus of year and a half.

My Mom described this meeting “An impossible that was made possible by Blessings of God and help from both the families’ children. “

The luminosity and beauty of their youth,

Has matured into wisdom and experience, now housed in their frail bodies, but still with sharp intellect,

Their Happiness burst into tears of joy,

As we all children witnessed this blissful union of siblings exhibiting the purest love one could feel.

I truly feel my relationship with my Mom as two people reaching out beyond time and space,

So deep, pure and serene,

This Pleasure of loving your parents makes you so complete.

You sometimes just have to stop running and find this peace in moments of stillness,

Capture such moments and store them in the depths of your consciousness.

As I travelled this extraordinary journey to my mother’s Heart from my mind,

Conquering this enormous space and time,

Dissolving Boundaries, literally merging days and nights

With sweet memories nourishing my soul, before vanishing into the edges of eternity,

I wonder, how did this L♥️VE Begin,

That will Never End!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

(penned these thoughts during my nonstop 16 1/2-hour flight from Dubai to Houston on May 15, 2023.)

( Missing my Mom this Holiday Season !!! 🥲🥲🥲)


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